Pokémon Anime Song - Best Wishes!

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Opening song from Best Wishes! TV anime series (episodes BW001 - BW084) and opening song from both versions of 14th Pokémon movie - Victini and the Dark Hero - Zekrom / Victini and the Light Hero - Reshiram

Single: Best Wishes! / Kokoro no Fanfare
Release date: 24.11.2010

Composed by Hirokazu Tanaka
Arranged by Kenichi Koyano
Chorus Arrangement by Yohgo Kohno
Lyrics by Akihito Toda

Lead vocals: Rica Matsumoto


Hajimete no basho hajimete no kaze no nioi mm...
Hajimete janai no wa kono dokidoki!
Shinpin no kono chizu kushakusha ni naru koro oretachi
Nee doko made susunderu kana?

Koko dake no hanashi fuan hitotsu futatsu mittsu
Demo tanoshimi wa kazoe kirenai!

Odayaka na asa odayaka na toki no nagare mm...
Odayaka janai no wa kono sugu ato!
Yosougai toraburu yukute wo fusagareta oretachi
Mou dou surya ii no sa?

Nasakenai hanashi hiza wa furue ase wa tarari
Demo modoru toka kangaerarenai!

Mimi wo sumaseba natsukashii koe mirai kara no koe
Itsumo inottete kureteru
"Kimi wa daijoubu!
Naze ka daijoubu!
Minna daijoubu!"

Yeah-he-he-hey arukidasou!
Yeah-he-he-hey hashicchaou ka?
Dokidoki wa sugu ni uzuuzu ni!
Itemo tattemo irarenai ze!

Owaranai michi owaranai deai no tabi mm...
Owatte hoshii no wa kono dogimagi!
Soredemo nantonaku kizuite iru no kana oretachi
Sou tomodachi no hajimari!

Arigachi na hanashi saisho doko ka tsukuri warai......
Demo sugu honto no egao de ippai!

Kaze yo hakonde ore no koe ore no kono omoi
Haruka na machi no ano hito ni
"Ore wa daijoubu!
Meccha daijoubu!
Hitori janai kara
Nakama ga iru kara daijoubu!"

Yeah-he-he-hey arukidasou!
Yeah-he-he-hey hashicchaou ka?
Yeah-he-he-hey mezasu mono wa
Yeah-he-he-hey zutto kagayaku!

Dogimagi wa sugu ni tokimeki ni!
Itemo tattemo irarenai ze!

Lyrics (translation):

The place is new, the scent of the wind is new mm...
What isn't new is the way my heart pounds!
By the time this new map is completely crinkled
Hey, how far will we have advanced?

Between you and me, I have one, two, three insecurities
But the enjoyments are innumerable!

The morning is gentle, the flow of time is gentle mm...
What isn't gentle is what's coming up!
Some unexpected trouble blocks our way
Geez, what should we do?

I sound so miserable, my knees are shaking, sweat dripping
But I can't think about going home!

If I listen closely, a nostalgic voice and a voice from the future
are always praying for me
"You'll be fine!
Somehow, you'll be fine!
Everyone will be fine!"

Yeah-he-he-hey let's start walking!
Yeah-he-he-hey or shall we run?
The pounding of my heart quickly turns into an itch!
I can't stand here and do nothing!

The road never ends, the journey of meetings never ends mm...
What I want to end is this nervousness
Even so, I wonder if we'll manage to notice
Yes, the beginning of a friendship!

I sound so typical, when'd did the laughter get forced?
But soon enough, there will be true smiles abound!

The wind moves my voice and my feelings
Towards that person in a far-away city
"I'll be fine!
Totally fine!
Because I'm not alone
Because I have friends, I'll be fine!"

Yeah-he-he-hey let's start walking!
Yeah-he-he-hey or shall we run?
Yeah-he-he-hey what we strive for
Yeah-he-he-hey is always shining!

The nervousness quickly becomes a pounding in my heart
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