Bboy Conditioning & Strength Exercises for Beginners | Bboy Tutorial | How to Breakdance

Published: 2 year ago | Bboy Conditioning & Strength Exercises for Beginners | Bboy Tutorial | How to Breakdance View and Download Video Any Format. Bboy / Breakdance Conditioning Tutorial
Focusing on basic Bboy Strength & Stability for Beginners

* Position Zero (1:02)
* Transfering Your Weight Using Your Inner Knuckles (1:36)
* Single Leg Shoot Outs (2:09)
* Position Three (3:15)
* How to Push Up correctly (3:33)
* 4 Favorite Push-Up Hand Placements for Breakin' Strength (4:21)
* How to Plank properly (5:33)
* 19 Variations Of Plank (6:15)
* Advanced level? Try my 5-minute plank Challenge! (6:15)

Basic Conditioning: Week 1 of 4

There is no better substitute than practicing the move or step itself although you can shorten your learning time whilst reducing the risk of injury.
For the acquisition of many moves, movement and steps, your body will find it easier by being fit and familiar with similar tasks.
Conditioning as a Bboy is now a massive part of my training as it allows me to make faster progress in my dance especially during times where it's hard to find training space. I started really taking my 'strength & stability' seriously after my injuries became too frequent which was preventing me from taking myself to a higher level.
If you give some of these a try for a week or two, I'd love to know how your body feels when dancing. Let me know in the comments section or message me on some of my other social media platforms. I truly hope this is helpful for those just starting out and fun for those who fancy a challenge!

My Trainers: Adidas Gazelle
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(I'm size L - Most people are size M)

Welcome to my Bboy / Breakdance tutorials! For all levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced, covering Toprock, Footwork, Freezes & Power Moves.

Sup peeps, I'm Bboy AJ-47, an original & senior member of the UK's best and most notorious Bboy crew, Soul Mavericks! 🇬🇧

I've put together B boying tutorials, Bboy workout and all sorts of "Bboy hacks & How To's" because I want to share all over the world the secrets and valuable Bboy training my crew was lucky enough to receive from our Mentor, DJ Renegade and Bboy Storm early on. 🌍

Bboy tutorals: What are the about?
I'll be covering Bboy Workout Conditioning & Strength exercises. Bboy Battle tips, effective Bboy training skills and of course, the fundamentals (B boying dance steps for beginners & advanced.) 💡

These can be in the forms of:
breakdance tutorials, demonstrations to help feed your creativity, Bboy fitness training in the forms of programming & structure or a "follow along!". 💪😅

Which type of tutorals do you prefer?
Let me know in the comments ✍🏼👇🏼

Best of luck!

Stay Fresh!

Connect With Me:
Snapchat: aj47soulmavs

Be advised:
As a Bboy or Bgirl, dancing in this style (Breakin’ / Breakdance) comfortably can take time, hard work and discipline. Harder moves should not be attempted until you master your ‘Basics’ in Toprock, Footwork & Freezes. Make sure you attempt these tutorials in an open space, I am not responsible for any acquired injuries, muscle soreness or any broken furniture. Please be aware of your surroundings and your body at all times. Should you require any further assistance you can email me about a working or private lessons.

Before you practice:

1. Get your heart rate up: Always take your time to warm up your entire body.

2. Mobilize your joints and muscles transitioning into a light stretch

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