Spider-Man: Spider-Verse Flash Mob Prank

Published: 3 year ago | Spider-Man: Spider-Verse Flash Mob Prank View and Download Video Any Format. Spider-Verse explodes onto the streets when the biggest Marvel Comics story of the year comes to life in a hilarious cosplay flash mob.

Special thanks to the cosplayers who helped make this video!!!

Oliver Marriott - https://www.fb.com/iammarriottcosplay
Brandon Gilbert - http://fb.com/brandongilberto
Peter Parkour - http://fb.com/ththeSpectacularSpiderMan
Michelle Cormier - http://instagram.com/Angelmichellec
Elise Lauren Cosplay - http://fb.com/EliseLaurenCosplay
Symbiote Spidey - http://fb.com/symbiotespidey1
Tumbling Cosplay - http://fb.com/tumblingcosplay
Symbiotes Unleashed - http://fb.com/pages/Symbiotes-Unleashed/357445717751436
The Symbol of Hope Cosplay - http://instagram.com/thesymbolofhope
Christian Perera - http://instagram.com/cperera_

Camera by Marston Thursby and Thomas Napper - http://youtube.com/napperFTW

Production Assistant: Laura Nemeth - http://fb.com/theSuperheroineVillianessOfDundasSquare

Directed by Sean Ward


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