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Song List:
0:00 The Secret - Wheel of Misfortune
0:16 Ecstacy of Gold
2:02 Marco Polo Theme
3:29 Avengers Theme
5:26 Boondock Saints Theme
9:25 Dragon Age Inquisition Theme
12:03 Legend of Zelda Gerudo Valley Symphony
15:28 Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer Music
17:34 National Treasure OST - Ben
20:32 Oblivion - Waking Up
24:35 Transformers OST - Bumblebee Captured
26:45 Army Strong Theme
29:13 Two Steps From Hell - Heart of Courage
31:04 Jurassic World Theme
33:05 Skyrim Theme
36:51 Immediate Music - Heroes Crusade
40:56 Tutors OST - Death of Jane Seymour
43:30 The Social Network - Intriguing Possibilities
47:50 The Last Samurai - A Small Measure of Peace
51:15 Pirates of the Caribbean - He's a Pirate
52:34 Adam Balazs - Vox Humana
54:24 Defiance Theme
57:25 Da Vinci's Demons Theme
58:26 Audiomachine - Pillars of Earth
1:01:03 King Arthur - Knights March
1:02:56 Batman Begins - Eptesicus
1:05:06 The Fellowship of The Ring OST - The Fellowship
1:10:50 The Dark Knight - Like a Dog Chasing Cars
1:14:26 Battlestar Galactica - Farewell Apollo
1:17:14 Gladiator - Now We Are Free
1:21:21 House of Cards Theme
1:22:54 Auracle Music - Run With The Pack
1:24:22 Battlestar Galactica - Heart of The Sun
1:27:24 Avatar - Become One Of The People
1:29:00 Audiomachine - Road To Glory
1:30:49 Transformers OST - Bumblebee
1:34:31 The Last of The Mohicans OST - Promentory
1:38:50 Instrumental Core - We Want Glory Freedom
1:40:58 Chopin - Etude in E minor, Op. 25, No. 5 "Wrong Note"
1:44:08 Your Lie in April - Yuujin A - Kun wo Watashi bo Bansousha
1:46:28 Pantheon - Sound Adventures
1:50:09 Final Fantasy X - To Zanarkand
1:53:15 Two Steps From Hell - Heart
1:55:56 Legend of Korra OST - To Heal
1:58:59 Shiki OST - Epitaph
2:01:29 Battlefield 1942 Main Theme
2:03:14 Two Steps From Hell - Release Me
2:07:10 Monster OST - It's a Long Way To Go
2:09:04 Battlestar Galactica - Colonial Anthem (Based on the original by Stu Phillips)
2:12:32 Thor: The Dark World OST - Into Eternity
2:15:58 Sword Art Online - A Tender Feeling
2:17:55 Philip Glass - Movement II
2:34:12 Guild Wars 2 OST - Fear Not This Night
2:36:44 Destiny Soundtrack - Main Theme & Legend
2:39:10 Two Steps From Hell - Colin Frake
2:42:01 V for Vendetta OST - Evey Reborn
2:43:54 Hunger Games - Rue's Farewell
2:45:43 Halo 3 - This is The Hour
2:46:43 Guardians of the Galaxy Theme - The Kyln Escape
2:47:54 Thomas Bergersen - Our Destiny
2:51:41 Thomas Bergersen - Before Time
2:53:56 John Williams - Star Wars Main Theme
2:57:17 The Legend of Korra - Book 4 Final Scene Song
3:00:10 Karl Jenkins - Adiemus
3:02:59 Karl Jenkins - Palladio
3:06:38 Two Steps From Hell - More Than Friends
3:08:55 Sword Art Online - Swordland
3:11:39 Kung Fu Hustle - Decreee of the Sichuan General
3:13:02 Confidential Music - Unashamed
3:15:17 Buffy The Vampire Slayer - The Final Fight
3:19:04 The Last of Us Theme
3:21:57 Mass Effect 3 - Stand StronG Together
3:23:40 Two Steps From Hell - Breathe
3:26:32 Battlestar Galactica - Prelude To War
3:30:21 Anno 2070 Theme - Plasma3Music Remix
3:33:19 The Illusionist OST - The Orange Tree
3:35:02 Future World Music - Aspiration
3:37:45 Position Music - Garador's Flight
3:40:29 Armageddon OST - Launch
3:43:07 How To Train Your Dragon - Forbidden Friendship
3:46:42 Braveheart Theme - Bagpipes Version
3:49:11 Halo 4 OST - Awakening
3:52:10 Murray Gold - I Am The Doctor (Doctor Who)
3:54:50 The Cinematic Orchestra - Arrival of the Birds
3:57:17 Your Highness OST - Let Us Quest
3:59:21 When We Left Earth OST - Heroes & Welcome Home
4:02:00 Audiomachine - Existence
4:05:50 Carly Commando - Everyday
4:11:29 The Bible OST - In The Beginning
4:15:02 Two Steps From Hell - Blackheart
4:19:07 LOTR Two Towers OST - The Last March of The Ents
4:20:11 Legend of Korra - Greatest Change
4:23:08 The Dark Knight OST - A Watchful Guardian
4:27:01 The World of Steam - The Clockwork Heart OST
4:28:32 Battlestar Galactica - A Good Ligther
4:30:13 Position Music - Imperatrix Mundi
4:32:45 The Hunger Games - Horn of Plenty
4:34:36 Immediate Music - Surrender To Hope
4:37:48 The Secret OST - Hope City
4:40:13 Star Trek Into Darkness - Main Theme
4:43:34 Beyond Two Souls Main Theme
4:45:11 Sunshine OST - Adagio in D Minor
4:48:51 Transformers OST - Optimus
4:51:26 TDKR - Moody Bruce New Hero Suite
4:53:45 Audiomachine - The Legend Begins
4:55:53 Halo Theme - Lindsey Stirlign and William Joseph Cover
4:59:42 Surf's Up OST - Legends
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