INFP Personality Type - 5 Love Languages Ranked


Published: 2 year ago | INFP Personality Type - 5 Love Languages Ranked View and Download Video Any Format. Is it possible to map your personality type to a particular love language taken from the 5 love languages? Possibly. Thought Catalog seems to think so.

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The FiNe’s functions are:
1. Fi - introverted Feeling
Although it’s referred to as “Feeling”, Fi is not internal emotions, but rather values that come from within. FiNe’s might experience a deep well of emotions, but this is not the root of Fi. It is a decision making-process that is very interested in determining its own moral code and what the FiNe’s gut instinct tells them is right, which is often based on how they would like to be treated themselves. They tend to be very considerate of others, and may take a long time to mull over their own beliefs to make sure they seem right. The values-refining process can take quite a bit of time and requires mental solitude. Fi generally puts authenticity in high esteem and is repulsed by anything that seems fabricated or shallow.

2. Ne - extroverted iNtuition
Ne is the main way FiNe’s take in information. This means they use their intuition to find patterns, underlying principles, and ideas, and to form connections as they talk, write, or create. Ne flourishes when given new, interesting concepts to consider and consistently seeks out new inspiration from the outside world. For the FiNe, Ne is paired with Fi and “serves” it in the sense that it comes after it in terms of preference. This means that Ne will most often be used to explore values and ideals in all of their facets. Because Ne is extroverted, it primarily works by engaging with outside sources. This may look like having discussions with others who are also open to exploring the possibilities of a topic, or doing a lot of self-expression through writing or an art form.

3. Si - introverted Sensing
Si is the FiNe’s third function, and it gives a sense of solidity to their Fi beliefs. Si also makes the Fi-led internal world structured and detailed. When it comes to values that they have had adequate time to develop, they tend to have a solid sense of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. A lot of their perception in these cases is based on their personal experiences. This is because Si places a high value on real world experiences and its impressions of them. FiNe’s store all the interesting experiences and information they gather in their mind in an organized way for future reference.

4. Te - extroverted Thinking
Te is the FiNe’s inferior function. This function may be their achilles heel, and is inherently not as strong as their other functions because their highest priority and focus is on Fi. Te is a very logic-oriented way of problem solving. It is the side of them that naturally looks to find a better solution to a problem, improve the efficiency of a process, or critique and refine what is already in place. FiNe’s generally prefer only to use Te only when necessary, rather than to make all of their decisions. Overuse of an inferior function can be very draining, and may be unhealthy when constantly given priority over other functions.

Extravert (E) or an Introvert (I) - Do you draw energy from connecting with others (extravert) or from being in isolation (introvert)?

Intuitor (N) or a Sensor (S) - Do you focus on facts, the five senses and the present (sensor) or do you rely on your intuition with a focus on possibilities for the future (intuitor)?

Thinker (T) or a Feeler (F) - Are you people-oriented (feeler) or logic-oriented (thinker) when it comes to your decision-making process?

Judgor (J) or a Perceiver (P) - Are you a decisive person who likes to get right to the bottom line (judgor) or someone who likes to keep their options open (perceiver)?


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