If You See This On Your Car, Don't Touch It And Ask for Help!

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Published: 7 month ago | If You See This On Your Car, Don't Touch It And Ask for Help! View and Download Video Any Format. How to Protect Yourself from Car Thieves. Criminals regularly invent new scam schemes to rid you of your car or belongings that you forgetfully leave in it. The only way to protect your car from being stolen and save yourself from thieve attacks is to stay alert and well-informed and follow some essential safety tips.

How to deal with a GPS tracker on your car 1:03
Criminals use magnetic GPS trackers they can even throw out of the window of their car that is passing by your vehicle. The trackers will lead robbers to your flat or house. In addition, they will be able to find out when you leave your car in a deserted place and get inside. If you locate a magnetic tracker attached to your car, remove it in a random place that is far from your home or work and is off the way to these locations. After you remove the tracker, take a photo of the device to provide some evidence to the police.

How to stay safe abroad 4:30
People tend to feel more relaxed on holiday that's why they just don't register the same threat they are well aware of in their home country. For example, in Spain, there have been numerous cases when criminals targeted drivers of foreign-registered cars. When abroad, always park your car in sight, if you leave your car, take all valuable belongings with you. Be extra cautious of those people who flag you down.

"Smash-and-grab" approach 5:30
Car robbers come up to your car when you're waiting at a traffic light or suffer in a traffic jam, smash the car window, and grab anything expensive they can see. While you can do nothing with waiting in the traffic, you can cover the windows of your car with a protective safety film.

How to ensure the safety of your car 6:25
Leave your doors open and your windows rolled down if you park your car in a "bad" neighborhood. If you want to make your vehicle unappealing to car robbers, make it as messy inside as possible. Don't leave anything (literally anything) in sight. Make sure that the measures you've taken to protect your car are visible.


How to deal with a GPS tracker on your car 1:03
How to stay safe abroad 4:30
"Smash-and-grab" approach 5:30
How to ensure the safety of your car 6:25

-If you see a GPS tracker on your car, be extremely cautious. Criminals use them to stalk you, pure and simple.
-When abroad, be extra cautious of those people who flag you down. Your valuables should be not only out of reach but also out of sight.
-Robbers need a fast getaway. If they have to bash your car window again and again, they will most likely get caught. So, do everything you can to make your windows as impact-absorbent as possible.
-Leave anything that has value (CD's, sports equipment, GPS, suitcases) in the trunk of your car. Park in well-lit areas. Under a street lamp, criminals feel uncomfortable and exposed. If you want to make your vehicle unappealing to car robbers, make it as messy inside as possible.

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