Head Swipe Tutorial: With Beginners Version | Bboy Tutorial | How to Breakdance | Basic Power Moves

Published: 7 month ago | Head Swipe Tutorial: With Beginners Version | Bboy Tutorial | How to Breakdance | Basic Power Moves View and Download Video Any Format. Head Swipe Tutorial: Teaching you how to get your first head swipe to freeze AND a Beginner Version included! 👟

How to Head Swipe: A tutorial for Bboys & Bgirls. I've included the beginner version so you can walk away from your next bboy training session feeling like you've progressed after applying the skilled shared in this Head Swipe Bboy Tutorial because when we start to learn Bboy Power Moves, techniques and progress can take some time before seeing results. This is why many bboys & Bgirls choose to not practice Power moves.💡

The Head Swipe tutorial counts as a basic/Beginners introduction into Power Moves.

Once you've got it, I'll be happy to make a bboy tutorial on getting Multiple Head Swipes!

The Head Swipe is one heck of a Bboy Workout and ofter great bboy conditioning. After I learned this move, I learned HALO! I hope this Head Swipe Tutorial will bring you closer to learning multiples and eventually prepare the body for Halos! (one of my favorite power moves)

Head Swipe, Bboy Tutorial: With Beginners Version | How to Breakdance | Basic PowerMoves: The aim is to help you understand the fundamentals of the power moves tutorial (s) I'll be making soon.


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As a bboy or bgirl you want to make your footwork look beautiful.
Bboy Roxrite once said in an interview that "Footwork is the rawest part of our dance." Of course, you can train as you wish but once you start practicing footwork, learn to ride the rhythm of the music and begin to flow within all your steps, I'm convinced you'll love creating your very own variations of footwork. Have fun creating!

Welcome to my Bboy / Breakdance tutorials! For all levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced, covering Toprock, Footwork, Freezes & Power Moves. Leave me a comment if you'd like me to make a particular tutorial.

Connect With Me:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aj47soulmeezy/
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Be advised:
As a Bboy or Bgirl, dancing in this style (Breakin’ / Breakdance) comfortably can take time, hard work and discipline. Harder moves should not be attempted until you master your ‘Basics’ in Toprock, Footwork & Freezes. Make sure you attempt these tutorials in an open space, I am not responsible for any acquired injuries, muscle soreness or any broken furniture. Please be aware of your surroundings and your body at all times. Should you require any further assistance you can email me.

Before you practice:

1. Warm up/get your heart rate up: Always take your time to warm up your entire body.

2. Mobility. Mobilise your joints and muscles transitioning into a light stretch

3. Optional but recommended mild conditioning of the muscles surrounding the Wrists, Shoulders, Knee, Ankles, and most importantly, Core.

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